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Venison Steaks (Frozen)

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Available Frozen year round. Delivered weekly on Thursdays or collection from the farm Monday to Friday 830am to 5pm.
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Venison steaks are known for their lean and flavourful qualities. They have a rich, gamey flavour that's distinct from beef, with a finer texture and less marbling. Venison steaks are typically cooked quickly over high heat to medium-rare or medium. They can be grilled or pan-seared and are often seasoned with herbs, spices or marinades.

Our delicious venison steaks come from the Culdenfaw Estate near Henley. Each pack contains 2 lean steaks, weighing a total of approximately 350-400g.

Characteristics: Lean meat and intense in flavour. 

Cooking Method: Grilled or Pan-Seared 

Seasoning: Season with salt, pepper, and optionally garlic powder or steak seasoning. You can also use a marinade

Preheat: Preheat grill or skillet to high

Cooking: Grill or panfry for 2-3 minutes per side or longer if you prefer your meat more cooked

Resting: Rest for 8 minutes


General Tips: 
Resting: Always let steaks rest after cooking to allow the juices to redistribute. 
Doneness: Use a meat thermometer to check doneness: 
Rare: 49-52°C 
Medium-Rare: 54-57°C 
Medium: 60-63°C 
Medium-Well: 65-68°C 
Well-Done: 70°C and above 
Searing: For a great crust, ensure the meat is dry and the cooking surface is very hot. 
Enjoy your perfectly cooked steak! 

When you complete and check out your order you will be able to select one of the following delivery or collection options.

For Christmas Orders

Collect from Copas HQ at Kings Coppice Farm, Cookham. Drive through collection on 22nd December or at our Christmas Fayre on 23rd December (if we are good father Christmas might come!) Click & Collect from one of our express collection points Church Farm, Waltham St Lawerence Walled Garden, West Wycombe Peach Croft Farm, Abingdon Nationwide delivery by our nominated couriers on 22nd December. Your order will be packed in recyclable insulated packaging and will be dispatched on a pre 2pm next day service. The £20 delivery fee covers the delivery service, packaging, insulation, ice packs and fulfilment. FREE DELIVERY on all orders over £160.

Year Round & Non-Christmas Orders

Collect from the Farm, we are open around Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm Weekly nationwide delivery, arriving Thursday each week. Deliveries are sent out in recyclable insulated packaging with ice packs on a pre 2pm service weekly. The £20 delivery fee covers the delivery service, packaging, insulation, ice packs and fulfilment.

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