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Brought to you by the Copas Turkeys team, The Thoughtful Producer are a motley crew of foodies, poultry pros and farming fanatics who love nothing more than to feed their flocks, both bird and human. The team are happiest when they are doing things the thoughtful way which is why, for them, ensuring that their chickens live full and long lives roaming free across rolling meadows is the right thing to do.

Crispy skin and juicy meat is produced in the fields, under the hedgerows and over the hills long before the chicken reaches the oven. This motley crew embrace artisan methods that take time, care and expertise. By slow growing the Thoughtful Producer birds, our team ensure that the care and attention they receive in life is reflected in the succulent, rich and memory making flavour that hits your taste buds and is truly worthy of those few sacred hours at the table with family and friends.

We hold stock of frozen whole chickens, breast fillets, legs & wings or you can order Thoughtful Producer fresh whole chickens from Ocado.

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Great higher welfare chicken

We've bought this chicken multiple times, normally a good size, tasty and our lucky dog absolutely loves the giblets

Excellent bird

only buy free range chickens these days but they still come in vary quality. This one is a winner. You could smell how good it was from the aroma in the kitchen while roasting. Very meaty and full of flavour. Recommended.

The best

I left a review in 2021 stating that every purchase has been excellent. It is now November 2023 and I can report the same experience. The best ever. However, it would be good if I could buy portions, such as thighs. There is so much meat that I have to freeze it or use it over several days (2 person household).


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