Copas Turkeys' Exceptional Galloway Beef

Copas Turkeys' Exceptional Galloway Beef

Posted by Turkey Team on 23rd Nov 2023

At Copas Turkeys, we're not your typical farm – we're a dedicated squad of food lovers, poultry specialists, and agriculture enthusiasts. We're at our best when we do things the thoughtful way. It's our creed to ensure our Turkeys and Galloway Cows lead fulfilling, free-range lives across expansive meadows.

Thoughtful Farming: A Commitment to Excellence

As a third generation Turkey farm, we are deeply rooted in artisanal practices that embody patience, care, and expertise. We believe in nurturing our birds at their own pace – up to three times longer than standard practice. This extended duration ensures that the devotion and tenderness they receive during their lives are reflected in the sumptuous, flavoursome, and unforgettable taste they deliver.

The same goes for our Galloway cows, lovingly slow-reared on Kings Coppice Farm, a lifestyle that contributes to a distinct depth of flavour and texture compared to conventional commercial beef.

As with our Turkeys, emphasis on the well-being of our cattle is paramount. They thrive in a stress-free environment, with ample space to roam freely. This lifestyle directly influences the tenderness and succulence of the beef, setting it apart from the ordinary.

Our Galloway cows graze on an assorted diet comprising grasses, herbs, and wildflowers, found exclusively on our farm. This natural diet contributes to the distinctiveness of our beef—richer, deeper in flavour, and more intense than its commercial counterparts.

Galloway Beef

We’re delighted to announce the arrival of our next batch of Galloway beef, scheduled for Wednesday, November 29th.

In anticipation of the festive season, we've arranged for larger Roasting Joints (2kg, up from 1.5kg) from our butcher as well as everything from the exquisite fillet, rump, sirloin, and ribeye to flavoursome brisket, braising steak, chuck steak, ossobuco, mince, and burgers.

Ordering Information and Delivery

For those eager to taste the freshest cuts, pre-orders will be dispatched on Thursday 30th November 30th for arrival on Friday 1st December. The beef will also be available frozen from December 11th onwards.

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